MG Deep Freezer

A device described as a "refrigerator" maintains a temperature a few degrees above the freezing point of water; a similar device which maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water is called a "freezer". Our present generation is more conscious about power consumption. With proud we can say that Murickens are the first manufacture of body condensing freezer in India with very low power consumption that one can think. We have developed our New Generation Freezers, which can save so much power. It is taking only 1/5th of power as compared to other market freezers. It tested and proved in Kerala market since 1992. Murickens Mg freezer is a versatile freezer with user needs in mind. It has different temperature settings for different types of the medical, industry, pharmacy, biotech , clinical applications and food items like meat, ice cream, water bottles, milk, boiled items etc…  It can reach up to minus 40o C so that the taste of food articles stored is never lost. Other refrigeration products are mobile mortuary, water cooler and air conditioners These products are also famous in low power consumption..

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 ► Low power consumption (1 to 2.5 units per day). ► The main advantage is choice of door for water/milk cooler or freezer in single freezer ( 3-in-one ). ► Maintenance free system based on American technology. ► PUF System. ► Light weight. ► Fully automatic. ► Uniform cooling guaranteed by using copper capillaries. ► Fast freezing. ► Special design retains cooling for a longer period during power failures. ► Special design and technology ensures longer compressor life and uniform performance throughout the lifespan. ► Separate containers. ► Single, double, triple door or four door. ► Galvanized steel sheet outer body.►Top cover and door Pure steel.► Special model can reach up to minus 40oC. ►Body condensing and no extra condenser unit/condenser cooling fan. ► Compact in size and attractive color. ► Wheel mounted if needed. ► Power and cut off indicator. ► Adjustable thermostat (range -30 to -20) or digital meter.  ► Provision for inner partition. ► Special model for sharja shake business.  

Customer's specific models are available with the capacity of 100 liter to 600 liters in low power consumption , we successfully depalap mobile freezers to use and carry ice-cream and other meet products from place to place with out changing the neutrality vehicles like autoriksha, minivans ect… it will get 12 hour back-up  (with out power supply ) with natural taste,another special freezer sharjah shake business


                                                       MG FREEZER       
Model 100 Liters 150 Liters 200 Liters 300 Liters 400 Liters 500 Liters
Input current  200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v
Compressor  watts 113/125w 113/125w 113/125w 159/193w 320/335w 320/335w
S.steel top & Door  Single Double Double Triple Four Door Four Door
Length 62cm 102cm 116cm 152cm 185cm 190cm
Width 54cm 56cm 56cm 56cm 61cm 63.5cm
Height 90cm 80cm 80cm 80cm 80cm 80cm
Gass R134 R134 R134 R134 134 134
 Power Consumption Standard Condition 1  unit/day 1 to 1¼ unit/day 1¼ to 2 unit/day 2 to 2½ unit/day 2½ to 3½ unit/day 3½ to 4
Stabilizer  500 va 500 va 500 va 1 kva 1 kva  2 kva
Cooling coil                                                     pure copper     
                         Above body dimensions will change in combined freezer

 Theory of working   

The vapor compression cycle is used in most household refrigerators. In this a circulating refrigerant such as freon enters the compressor as a vapor at its boiling point. The vapor is compressed and exits in the compressor as a superheated vapor. The superheated vapor travels through all parts of the condenser which removes the superheat by cooling the vapor. The vapor is condensed into a liquid at its boiling point. The saturated liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve where its pressure abruptly decreases. The decrease in pressure results in the flash evaporation and auto-refrigeration of a portion of the liquid . The cold and partially vaporized refrigerant travels through the coil or tubes in the evaporator. There, a fan circulates room air across the coil or tubes, and the refrigerant is totally vaporized, extracting heat from the air which is then returned to the food compartment. The refrigerant vapor returns to the compressor and thus  complete the thermodynamic cycle.  Murickens ISO Certified Power Saver Products " MG"  branded -  Freezer, Servo Stabilizer, Mobile Mortuary, Solar Water Heater, Airconditioner, Water cooler , etc.   And  "Flyline" Branded –Online & Offline UPS, Inverter, Solar Inverter, Sinewave solarinverter, Stabilizer,Mini home dc light system, Solar street light ( garden light ), 110 volt Step-down stabilizer, etc  

Power saver model -  100 to 600 litters.  

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