Property Deal- Tax at source for Agricultural land

1-Cost Of Property (Land/Building)- Show the PAN number if the cost is five lakh and above in the record.
2.If the cost of property is 30 lakhs & above . Then as per rate 285-B-(A). The detail of sub Registrar dealing should be shown in the Annual information return to the income tax department.
3-If the cost is 50- lakhs or above (w.e.f  June 2013)as per rule 194 I A the buyer should pay 1% tax in the name of tax payer in form no 260-B(Chelan cum statement duly fill and pay by online before 7 th of next month . If the tax payer does not pay such tax then he will pay an interest of 1.5 % per month and a late fee of Rs-200/- per day and as per rule 271-c he may penalized. Before 15 days (i.e.)
(next month 22nd) the TDS certificate should be given in form no -16-B to the property owner , if the seller is a Non  Resident then as per rule 195 , the Agricultural land should  not pay any tax. But if it is in the corporation area, or municipal area & the selling price is more than 50-lacks the 1% tax should payable. In addition to this out side to municipal / corporation limit up to 8 km distance 1 % tax should be payable by the tax payer.
4-If the seller is a non- resident then as per rule seller 195 the tax should be paid from the source (The sealing of 50 lacks is not applicable in this care) Purchaser should pay the tax from the source @ 20% tax . If the land is selling after 3 years of purchasing then the tax is @ 30 %.
5-The seller should show the selling price and deposit the tax as per the above price and submit the return after deducting the tax at source if the tax is not applicable then the tax is  payer may apply for refunded.
6-As per rule 194 I A TAN no is not applicable for depositing 1 % tax at source, but as par rule 195 TAN No is required while depositing the tax at source.

Capital Profit on Fair Price

As per rule 50 if the fair price shown in the deed is higher then the seller should pay the tax according to govt rules.

            But for a purchaser he should adjust the tax at source . If the land owner is an NRI, then the signatory is a power of attorney he should pay 1 % as per rule 194 I A at source. Instead of rule -195 when the land is a Govt property, then as per rule 194 LA the tax at source is @ 10%
FLAT: Tax will be deducted at source
For the purchasing of a Flat/Apartments then as per 194 I there should be a tax @ 1% (if the  prices is 50 lakh or above)
         If the payment is under installment and the total amount is 50 lakhs or above then there should be 1 % tax on every installment .This rule 194 IA is valid from june 2013. This rule is effective only for those payment made after this date also.

Kerala Governemnt revised the stamp duty and registration fee  for property  documentation :

Kerala Govt. reduced the stamp duty and land registration charge :- In Coporation , Municipality and Panchyath Area   same rate  of  6% of stamp duty and 2% for the Registation fees..  Earlier Government annouced a Thariff Rate , but resently that rate is revised to 50% as extra.  -   10/5/215

Writing Willpathram  Online  Federal Bank Web Site Facility : 17/12/2014 Federal bank implemented the facility to write willpathram through “e-civil” online platform.  Registering in the bank web site  can record the details in e-civil platform that want to be included in willpathram and prepare the willpathram after inspection by the advocate. This facility is available  only in Fderal Bank, Kerala.     

 Land Hand Over between Family Members   Ordinance in 16/12/2014 Revenue paper cost was 1 % or maximum 1000 rupees for the dealing of land between family members. This taxation ordinance increased now has been included in the fees bill.

   Important instructions:    

  • Land tax increased. In Panchayat one rupee for one cent till 20 cents and two rupees tax  above 20 cents. In municipality two rupees for cent till six cents and four rupees above six cents. In corporation four rupees for cent till four cents and eight rupees for  above.
  • 50 % increased in reasonable cost of land. Appeal can be given to the collector, against the instructions of reasonable cost.
  • Estate tax increased but no tax till two hectares. Continued hundred rupees for each hectare till four hectares. Three hundred rupees from four to  eight hectares, four hundred rupees from eight to  fifteen hectares, five hundred rupees from fifteen to  twenty five hectares and 700 rupees for  above twenty five hectares.    

   INCOME TAX ON SALE OF AGRICULTURAL LAND  Effected from 30/11/2014 

 Amendment in definition of Agriculture land Income tax is effected  profit of selling the land, but if selling is agricultural land, no need to give the tax. According to section IA 194 rule need to take 1% tax that not effected while selling the agricultural land more than Rs. 50 lakhs But it has not effected all agricultural land. ·                        Land is situated in any area within the jurisdiction of a municipality. ·                        Land is situated outside the notified distance from jurisdiction of municipality.   Revenue Department laxity hits building tax in Kerala revised  ordinance from 20/11/2014.

   a)    In any area which is comprised within the jurisdiction of a municipality (whether known as municipality, municipal corporation, notified area committee, town area committee, town committee, or by any other name) or a cantonment board and which has a population of not less than ten thousand b)    In any area within the distance, measured aerially,- (I)           Not being more than two kilometers, from the local limits of any municipality or cantonment board referred to in item (a) and which has a population of more than ten thousand but not exceeding two lakh; or (II)          Not being more than six kilometers, from the local limits of any municipality or cantonment board referred to in item (a) and which has a population of more than two lakh but not exceeding ten lakh; or (III)        Not being more than eight kilometers, from the local limits of any municipality or cantonment board referred to in item (a) and which has a population of more than ten lakh. Explanation.—For the purposes of this sub-clause, “population” means the population according to the last preceding census of which the relevant figures have been published before the first day of the previous year; Thus, This condition is satisfied that  agriculture land will be rural agriculture and accordingly not liable for capital gain tax. ·                        Land is situated in any within the jurisdiction of a municipality or a cantonment board having population of less than 20000. ·                        Distance of land from municipality  and population limit.




Within 2 kilometers


2 kilometers – 6 kilometers


6 kilometers – 8 kilometers

More than 10,00,000

The distance from the Municipal Corporation measurement:

  Effect of the amendment

 a)    Distance from jurisdiction or municipality or cantonment board within which agricultural land is to be considered as urban land has been changed from uniformly 8 kms to within 8 kms depending on population of municipality or cantonment board .

 b)    Distance to be measured straight line aerially as crow flies and not by road method which was used by courts in various decision. This amendment overcomes above court decisions which say that distance should be measured by road.

 The Revenue Department has been designated to levy an one-time tax from every new building and an annual luxury tax from buildings having a built-up area above 3,000 sq.ft.

According to the revised ordinance, building owner has  to  submit  an affidavit stating that he/she  will pay the tax in village office for getting the building number from the revenue department.

Government ordinance regarding Residential / Commercial real estate transaction rate increased and effected from 17/11/2014.

  According to the government revised ordinance, real estate registration rate will be increased 50 percent  from the existing rate. Therefore as per the revised ordinance for transactions the existing cost of Rs.1 lakh for one cent becomes Rs.1.50 lakhs. While calculating 6% stamp duty Rs.6000 becomes Rs.9000.

  Revised rates are as follows:

  Thiruvananthapuram:  As per rate revision, in Vanchiyoor village for 1 ares (250 cents) registration rate is  25 lakhs now. In Thycaud village for 1 ares is 18 lakhs and in Kowdiyar, Pattom, Sasthamangalam villages for 1 ares is 15 lakhs .


 Ernakulam:  In Edappally north, for commercial land for 1 ares is 24 lakhs, and for residential land is 19.20 lakhs. In Ernakulam village including MG road, commercial rate is 23.94 lakhs and for residential land is 20.94 lakhs for 1 ares .   

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday 31 jan 2012 held that barren paddy fields which are not suitable for cultivation should be converted for alternative use. Division bench also observed that the kerala conservation of paddy land and wet land Act 2008 was not helpful for owners of paddy land that has been rendered unfit for cultivation.
This is certainly an injustice to paddy land owners. People with muscle and money power and political or official patronage have been converting paddy land by violating the land utilization Order. Later these conversions got regularized. Their for the bench instruct the Govt that the barren paddy fields which are not suitable for cultivation can be converted for suitable alternative use. The kerala govt also had been taken the same decision against The subject and promise the help and judicial support.  

 SMARTCITY COMES TRUE......08-10-2011
Kochi: Construction of the much delayed Rs 2,000 crore SmartCity project at the nearby Kakkanad commenced Saturday and the first phase is expected to be completed in two years.Within 24 months the project's first phase would be ready and is expected to provide about 7,000 jobs, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said after performing the "ground breaking ceremony" of the 6,000 sq ft pavillion building, which will be completed within 14 weeks.SmartCity is a conglomerate promoted by Dubai Holding member, TECOM Investments, to develop and manage Knowledge industry Townships Worldwide. It is based on Dubai's models of Internet City, Media City and Knowledge Village to promote the growth of 'knowledge-based' companies.

The first stage of the construction of various other buildings will be taken after this and completed in 20 months, Chandy said, adding that the entire work of the project is expected to be completed in five years. Chandy is the chief patron of the project. SmartCity is not merely an IT project, but a major initiative that could create substantial employment (estimated to be about 90,000) and nurture Kerala's economy to the next level of growth.It should send an important message that Kerala is an investor friendly destination, he said. Chandy said marketing and roadshows of the project would begin immediately.The project is targetting world class firms to set up units here. Group CEO of Tecom Investments, Abdullatif Al Mulla expressed confidence that the project will attract Foreign Direct Investments.This was a very 'vital' project and will bring in more talent, he said. Mulla said Rs 2,000 crore had been set apart for the project and finance would not be a constraint.Industries minister and SmartCity Kochi Chairman P K Kunhalikutty said the government and the promoters are keen that international investors set up units here. The roadshows will start from December.Most probably it will start from Bangalore and would be held in all major cities, he said.


Date : 21/07/2011:
UDF Government introduced a remarkable decision in Stamp Duty of family members. Earlier it is same as the normal registration and there is no importance in family title deeds. But now it is reduced from 7%– 8%– 9 % depending on Panchayath/ Municipality and Corporation. Which is now simply reduced to a  Stamp Paper of  Rs.1000. New rule implemented from today onwards.

Maximum Stamp duty for the family  property  partition  is fixed as Rs.1000. Partition documentation  among the family members, and for  gift partition are included in stamp duty reduction.

Now Grandchildren can also enjoy the benefits of  documentation, before this was allowed to Children, wife, husbands and brothers.

2% of the land value is  fixed as registration fees. We get deduction only for stamp duty and not for registration fee.

Deed for Family properties partition :

July 8th 2011 UDF Government in kerala In a relief to all sections, the registration fee on partition deeds of family properties had been fixed at the rate of Rs 1,000, doing away with the value-based fee system .



Kochi Smartcity A fresh lease agreement Singed today 25/02/2011

Kochi: A fresh lease agreement for the much delayed Rs 1700 crore Kochi Smartcity, an IT infrastructure project being jointly promoted by Kerala Government and Dubai based Tecom Investments group, which envisages direct employment to about 90,000 persons, was signed here Wednesday.

The agreement for the entire 246 acres of the project land was signed between Tecom Investments group CEO Abdullatif AlMulla and state IT Secretary, K Suresh Kumar in the presence of Kerala fisheries minister and Kochi Smartcity chairman, S Sharma. Later talking to reporters Sharma said all measures have been completed to start the project on a war footing. Construction will begin as soon as the SEZ notification is issued by the central government. The SEZ notification for about 131 acres is expected within two to three weeks, he said.Abdullatif AlMulla said the director board meeting was 'fruitful' and 'positive' and the board was very much supportive of the project. Once the SEZ notification comes through, the work would start immediately, he said. A preliminary masterplan was presented before the board today by Tecom and a detailed master plan would be presented at the next director board meeting, he said. The agreement was registered later. Smart City CEO Fareed Abdulrahman, who had been representing the company, was not present. AlMullah had earlier this month said in Dubai that their immediate priority was to sign the lease agreement to secure the designated land for the project. 'We are quite optimistic that we will be able to complete this project as planned and are confident of fulfilling all the time bound contractual obligations mentioned in the Framework Agreement', he had stated.

The foundation stone for the project was laid in May 2007. The project was in a limbo after that following differences over the issue over 12 per cent free hold. Government was prepared to give the free hold land only inside the SEZ, which was not agreeable to Tecom. However, the issue was settled last month at the talks between Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan and and Ahmed Homaid al Tajir, member of the Supreme Committee for Dubai World Group and Public Holding Group at thiruvananthapuram.As per the agreement, on completion of the master plan, 12 per cent of the total land would be converted from leasehold to freehold rights within the Special Economic Zone. The Government would also exempt the land from registration fee and stamp duty. The agreement was later approved by the state cabinet, paving the way for the work on the project to start without further delay.


Re- Survey is the largest corruption that ever Kerala witnessed. This Corruption centered from every  districts to every  wards.

In Kerala, the re- survey work had done before 45 years. But the work  finished so far only in half of the villages. Even though  the department received 22 lakh complaints.  Bhoomi Kerala project also became a failure. Within a time of 3 years, Survey Work had completed only in 2 villages. Re- Survey made poor people and common people landless, and rich people  received benefits like land, that was  taken from the poor and the common people. Presently, the re-survey department employees are doing this Survey for their own financial benefits. They are making faults knowingly, in the re- survey and taking bribes from the people for correcting it. They are taking huge amount of money starting from Rs.10000 and even more.

Survey records should be in order for the computerization of the land records. Government’s declaration of 2008 to make online system of Survey Registration records, not yet come true. Government is  doing nothing to re- start the survey. Organizations are also in terms with this Corruption. Some organizational leaders, done corruption and they take the decision to save those who are doing corruption.  They asked the government to stop vigilance. How people can expect judgement from the officials, who are changing marks for money in the Chain Survey Test, from the people, working in their own department.

Government must see the tears of the poor and the common people, who lost their land and that became others.

Land Fare Value Fixation is the another fault of the Government. This is the real exploitation by the Government for the people. This cruel formula is the product of some of the employees. They are making these types of formulas, without any basics which is simply sitting on chairs. The Government should withdraw this cruel activity for the well being of the poor people.


Smart City’s  special Regional Status uncertinity  continues. 246 acre smart city project region consists of  Kadamprayar and Bharamapuram Road.This place expected financial regional  status , but not realized. Cess board not accepted the rule of giving one financial regional status to the geographically separated places.136 Acre land is received from private persons, 100 acre from the Electricity  Board, 10 acre from KINFRA,  136 acre land received from the private  parties got cess status, but not yet notified by the central government.

if the master plan of the project will be ready within one month, then also 136 acre cess land construction work will be delayed.Next problem is to get cess status to 100 acre KSEB Land, cess board will solve this problem,  if they receive any enquiry from the concerned party.10 acre land of KINFRA is the real problem. To receive cess status  for any place,  the limit is  25 acre,  so  they should get 15 acre more for  getting  this status. so the problem will continue. One way to solve this problem is to give 15 acre  to Teecom.


Left government and Teecom must do overtime job in Smart city land to overcome UDF challenge. Chief Minister has said that registration will start within one week and the master plan  will be ready within  one month.


 After a period of 7 years, Smart City is going to be true. The Project is delayed because of the Free selling Right Chance, and this is solved by the discussions held  between Chief Minister  V.S. Achuthandan and the Dubai Government representatives.Noorka roots chairman and Industrialist M.A. YUSUFALI was the mediator between chief minister and the Dubai government authorities.Teecom will make the master plan of the project,  within one month, and  they will handover Free selling right.

Without the  Free Selling Right chance for implementing Smart City, discussion will take within two weeks, Smart City Planning Chairman Minister S.Sharma”s expectations. Smart Chief Executive Officer Fareed Abdul Rehman said   if can not solve problems within two months, may take meditors help finally.Yesterday after the Board Directors Meeting  held at Kochi both  of them told the News Papers. Fareed  Abdul Rehman”s opinion is that  in this situation  Representatives of Government coming for discussion ,  he can not accept as Meditors.   Meditors should be both  parties acceptable person. Chief Minister V.S.Achuthanandan said  maximum within one month Government will take decision with Teecom Executives.

Sharma informed , can not give Free Selling Right of Planning Land is Governments decision, can not alternate.Board of Directors appointed Teecom Employee Midhun Beeru, Native of Pathanamthitta,  temperory Secretary of the Company.Before the Election of  Niyama Sabha  Board of Directors meeting should  function at least once.For the smooth running  of plan several times Board   Meeting  can be function.Present Govt need two months time  for finalising  Smart City problems.Present Government have no interest for postponing  Smart City to next coming government  due to the Free Selling Right Agreement signed by the last Government.


Teecom Authorities interested only in the discussion of Free Land Contract Matters inside the boundary of Contract .Earlier also they had taken the same decision. Though they accepted the appointment of Representatives for solving the problems they had not received any information about this.Norka Roots Vice Chairman Mr.M.A.Usef Ally reported that there is a hope in the Discussion he had with Mr. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Ul Gargavi, UAE Cabinet Minister. And Dubai Holding Chairman and Teecom CEO Abdul Lathif Ul Mullah. 

According to Norka Roots Vice Chairman M.S.Usfali there will be a discussion on 15h.
Teecom peoples stand is that they are willing to discuss within the Rules of Contract if it leads salvation of problems. But regarding this there is no official Report. Hence they are aiming to force Kerala Government. Tee Com said there is a rule in the contract for allotting 12% Free land but Kerala Government’s decision is this is not in the area of Cess.


Problem Unavailability of responsible: 120 crores deposited for the project in India

Government of Kerala hinted to drag the Teecom in to court.  They showed displeasure in Dubai on the statement. The declaration of CEO Fareed Abdul Rehman in Dubai shows resumption of work on Smart city doubtful with the present left Government.  Both parties stick to their initial stands on the project. Till date Teecom CEO Does’nt attacks openly. But after the government’s statement to drag them in court, CEO shows disbelief on the government sharply. Now we should wait and watch steps to be taken by the state government will affect the project. The state government may think to drag the Teecom Company in the court if violation of agreement.
 The CEO of the Smart City says Argument and counterargument should be stopped and the Kerala government should clear they wants the project or not. The Kerala Government to detail a CEO as smart city done to remove all hindrance to the Smart city and fix the progress continuously, so that 90,000 new employments can be provided.

 Rupees 120 crores deposited with bank of India for purchasing of land and erecting needy buildings. If we are not interested in Cochi project will demand to return the amount from Indian bank. Sudden death remarks are not our culture. Delay in the project will degrade Kerala government and also Smart city Authority. Roumers spreading by the media. Fund is not a problem. We demands as per the fundamental rights in India. Both sides would follow the agreement. If we follow the initial agreement the work on the project can starts on February 2009 and the first semester would completed within 20 months.


                      (DEDUCTED STAMP DUTY DECLARED)

 Inspector General of Land registration informed that, now land registration is possible when the fair value
Of the land should be endorsed in the registration. The stamp paper should also on the basis of fair value. The decreased stamp duty is declared. Within corporation 13.5%, Municipality 12.5% and within Panchayath 10 % is now reduced as 9%, 8% and 7% respectively. After inclusion of 2% stamp duty total registration charge will be 11%, 10% and 9% respectively.
Any complaints against the order of Sub registrar, can appeal with Collector within 30 days of the order. Registration can be possible on the Order of respective collectors. Recovery is possible when the appeal did not projected or non deposition of remaining fund as per the fair value of the land in question.

 Amount shown in the registration is below 15% or above, such land will be purchased by the registering officer in favor of the government property. Order in this effect will be referred to respective Collector. The fair value is decided by the respective RDO’s. Various factors depending to reduce or increase the fair value of land and these lands are divided under various categories. To know the fair values of your land you may approach respective RDO, Taluk, Village Office, Sub registrar and district registrar office. If you have any obstructions in the publication will appeal within 30 days by a filled form B with attached court fee stamp for Rs. 25/- before the district collector and get a solution.


This budget is reduced kerala stamp duty and kerala land registration charge gracefully at the corporation area
From 15.5 % to 11%. Kerala finance Minister Thomas Isaac during this budget session supporting to the Real estate region, reduction in stamp duty registration. Stamp duty for registration completely exempted to the scheduled peoples who were purchasing 5 or below 5 cent land for preparation of their residence.

Under corporation area the stamp duty considerably reduced from 15.5 percent to 11 per cent. Under cantonment and municipality area reduced from 14.5 % to 10 percent and under Panchayaths area reduced 12 percent to 09 percent. In addition lands are divided into 15 categories and rate fixed is effect from 01st April this year.Complaints received on low and excess rates of commodities will be sorted out by the District Collector. Provision will be made to raise Complaints regarding land rate. Tens of years consumed to decide fare value of commodities, land, flat will be decided soon. The rate of stamp papers for agreement is increased from 50 to 100 rupees. Fare Value is included to Divisional agreements between families members like will paper, capital division and fund division etc. Reduced version of stamp duty and registration fees is declared to help the condition of Kerala Industry.

Stamp duty for Flats is five percent and registration fees two percent, total 7 percent only. Only 04 percent stamp duty who were working on projects for friendly in fracture keeping will also be reduced further like storage for rain water and Solar based equipments.While land pledging loans stamp duty will be given up- to 5 lakhs .5 percent,  5 to 20 lakhs maximum 5000 rupees, 20 to 50 lakhs  10,000 rupees above 50 lakhs minimum 20,000/- rupees stamp paper should be purchased. During documentation of land registration, one who shown less value in the document, one time clearance is extended for next year also. 4 percent of the amount will be handed over to licensee documentation. 1 percent will be given to renovation of related office.


The K P C C President Ramesh Chennithala told, “ if the United Democratic Front is to be elected to power SMART CITY should be within one year” While he delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of leaders training camp at Ambalappuzha.He further asks Is the Revenue Minister have sufficient guts to remove the unauthorized encroachments by the  C P M  on the government land at Moonnar and Wayanad.


M A Yousuf Ali, Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Director and a Leading business man is conveyed his willingness to mediate ongoing instability on talks with Tee com and Kerala Government. Now the Tee-Com overcome from the global financial recess and situation is feasible for result oriented talks with the government. Minister S. Sharma informed the media, this offer is taken to government and concerned company for further talks.


 Amendment in Building taxes is come into existence

The Government’s amendments ordinance is come into existence of reducing building land coverage, increase the width of road entrance, feasibility for vehicles parking area, open lands etc.Coverage of residential flats reduced as 1.5 and can increase by increased fees up to 2.75. Flats of 100 units can be built up to the side of a road which has the width of 12 meter and above of this the width of road should be 15 meter. The flat is more than four stories, width of the nearby road should also be more than 7 meters.

There should be facility for one car parking on each 100 square meter residential flats, rate is increased for hotels. 30 per cent increased parking facilities should be given by residential flats and apartment to the vehicles of visitors.Not less than 5 meters of land should be given by all multi storied buildings for plying of vehicles. Solar water heaters should be provided to all Lodges, Hospitals, Marriage halls and residential Flats. An information display board should be provided which displaying all information’s of building and permit of builders. While expansion of land and resale, lay out of approval also be displayed on the board. A document of agreement is procured from the neighbors before digging ditches for building purpose when the distance of the neighbor’s border land is lesser than the depth of ditch. During piling any type of damage occurred, compensation should be paid. While building experienced and qualified engineers always should present on the location. Security options also legalized.Minister Paloly Muhammad Kutty declared that amendment rule is now already in existence.


   The lone I T Park allotted to Kottayam district by Central Government which is to be installed at KOZHA, Kuravilangad, Kottayam is now seems to be uncertain. Members of Irrigation and I T Department has been visited the prescribed area before couple of months  but further progress on the project is held up without any reason/remarks from the liable office/officials.The I T department aims to acquire 25 acres of land from the district Irrigation estate for this I T park, but the I T officials does not enquire the matter regarding with Irrigation depart till time. Also no official correspondence has been taken by the state Irrigation department since long. I T officials visited the site Irrigation Estate on the base of Verbal direction by the senior officials as disclosed by an officer of the Irrigation department. We cannot forward the site verification report, until concerned office demands it in written. Placing the report is only an initial step of acquiring the land for I  T Park. The government is liable to take final decision on the basis of submitted reports. Final decisions should be taken by the Ministers of various departments to  transfer the land for I T project  

            The land in question to transfer is under district Irrigation department and as per the document this land is well cultivated. So we should complete much more legal formalities to avoid further complications/political arguments. The Hon’ble Irrigation Minister recently states Kuravilangad that, the State-Central government does not agree to transfer the land.On the existing state, Ministers and officials of both I T and Irrigation department should take combined decisions and the governments to follow on time being then we can process the case as from initial step i. e placing demand of land transfer from Irrigation to I T department 


            Wake up!, Kumarakom Booming. 6000 Crores of rupees are investing at Kumarakom for a big international level back water tourism project. This project is an International Golf based tourism project using a valuable 400 acres of Kumarakom back water land for rupees 14 lakhs per acre.Most of these lands including rare paddy fields already been purchased and registered by various renowned companies registered in their name earlier. This is a Joint venture of one U A E based RASAL KHAIMA and another disclosed name of Indian company. This venture consisting Seven star Resorts,  Country club, Five star Business Hotels, International Convention centre, 18 whole International Golf Centers, Cottages, Theme-Mall, man made Streams and much more lake bank cottages included.    

             As per reliable sources work on this project may be started this year and commissioned on 2016. Under leveled paddy fields will be filled by locally imported gravel from eastern side of Kerala. Some places of this land linked with the Kumarakom Lake as frontage and lake view. Following are the Master Plan of the 400 acres land. a) Golf course at 150 acres b) Roads for 08 acres, c) Children’s park10 acres, d) Bird sanctuary at 22 acres, e) rest in the land consists Cottages and required buildings  

 Spreading roamers that kerala is not a place for foreign investment
Trivandrum, Is there would be any exemption of land tax to Smart City?. Is the ownership of the land to be transferred to Tee-Com. If the land transferred within the SES parameter to Tee-Com or not. The dream project is delaying endlessly and at molding end due to some silly and negotiable points. Interesting fact is that, both of the department is managing by Sh. S Sharma i.e. Chairman of Smart City and Minister of Registration The state government intentionally delayed Tee Com’s decision to start construction work after getting registration of land. Non of them intervene and still exists the obstructions.  When the government earned rupees 104 crore for handing over of 246 acre land, then the responsibility of the registration remains with Smart City Kochi as it is a  mutual project. The district collector forward final decision of exception of stamp duty to the state government.

This remains long debate among registration and tax department For month thus the cases of exemption tax duty over dated and put on cold file.The Tee-Com approaches several times for registration to start work but they get no response from the tax department. The managers of Tee-Com cannot understood, why a decision couldn’t processed When both department chaired by one minister. When applied for Special Economical Site (SES) to the Central Government, they returned with the remark that this land should be registered with State government before SES. The state government stick to that, we can exempt from stamp duty after getting SES. On the other words state government on the point that, first you get registered land with stamp duty, then approach for SES. When you get the SES from the Central government then apply with the statement government for return of deposited stamp duty.

Still the area of land did not registered under Smart City Cochi. It requires re-registration. Now the Tee-Com demands the registration should be included with free hold so that they can re sale to others.Firstly the Kerala government decides that when the company completes minimum 88 lakhs sq fit buildings and 26 percent of the share be given to the Kerala government then 12 percent of the lands ownership may be given to company. we should note  that 12 percent of the land is approx 29.5 acre at Smart City  First this agreement passed, it converts into article 5.4. The smart city cochi can decide which plots are they required before master plan of the project but it should be within the 12 percent i.e. 29.5 acre, The chief minister conveyed by his nearest that, there is nothing irregularities done in the modified agreement, the changes has been made in the agreement under the decisions taken by the ministers. Chief Ministers colleges shows that the land in question falls under SES where there is provision in the rule that all types of land under the right of ownership. Under the rule of Central government land within the SES couldn’t sold to any one, can give temporary agreement. Under this provision we can handover the land for temporary Agreement.If this provision is exists why the chief minister and s Sharma saying, we will not sell even one inch land to any one and why can’t sell it for freehold. The company demands land they required should be out of SES so that they can transfer to some others by using the ownership right. The temporary agreement land which we can transfer under sub agreement. The land which we get with ownership can include in the agreement that land acquired by company should transfer only under sub temporary agreement. This point also discussed in the committee of Chief Secretary Level. Conference and committees are going but tee-com not replied on this point. Question and answers are recording in the files but a message is spreading that Karalla is not a birth for big foreign investment.


            Trivandrum: Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan   told that, decision has been taken to discuss matters relating to smart city with Tee-Com authority. 
Chief Minister further informed after a conference of Ministers, not only the Muthoot group but leading companies from America and other countries approached the government to takeover the charge of smart city as inability shows by Tee-com Authorities. Replied to a question, as CM would like to go Dubai for discussion, he said they will come here for the same. CM informed by the reporter that Oomanchandy wants to know, which agreement has been broken by Tee-Com authority. He said all developments will be intimated after discussion with them.
The Smart City Agreements prepared by Oomanchandy and his colleges with the Tee-Com that the complete rights of the info park would be handed over for mere 90,000/- employments. Now more than ten thousand employers are working in Info Park when were only 2000.  Rising multistoried buildings shows that, more than ten thousand more employments should be there.When we go through with the  included version of the agreement i.e. complete release of the Info park to Tee-Com, not only the heads of Oommanchandy but Chennithala are bent down when it come to know the blunter ness done by the then UDF government. Chief Minister said, Dubai also facing economic slow down. We discussing only with Tee Com not with their economic problem.C M further informed that the letter correspondence will shows which type of continuous violation in smart city agreement by Tee com authority.

We are committed to Smart City: developer

Thursday,26 November 2009  
Thiruvananthapuram: Hours after Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said the developers of Smart City Kochi faced financial problems, the Dubai-based firm Wednesday extended an invitation to him to visit its operations there. In a statement, Smart City Dubai chief executive Fareed Abdulrahman said the company was committed to the "very important project" and would follow the conditions of the framework agreement it signed with the government. "We have the full support, financially, operationally and otherwise, from our parent company, TECOM Investments. We also wish to highlight our commitment towards our legal obligations as outlined in the framework agreement," Abdulrahman said.

Taking a dig at the chief minister for his remark, he said: "Comments that may question our commitment or our legal obligations towards this very important project are misplaced and could impair our shared vision." Abdulrahman added that the company was seeking "better understanding and cooperation from our counterparts and partners". "We would also like to reassure the people of Kerala that Smart City Kochi is very much a priority for us and we will exert every effort to guarantee its successful fruition." Earlier Wednesday, Achuthanandan said the proposed IT park would certainly be a reality even if the developer pulled out of the project."Yes, this would be a reality because we are committed to the project. This would go ahead even if Smart City Dubai backs out," Achuthanandan told reporters here after the weekly cabinet meeting.

The chief minister laid the foundation stone for the Rs.1,500-crore IT park in November 2007, but the project has not improved any further since then as the government and the developer are yet to resolve some contentious issues. Asked if the government was looking for other partners, Achuthanandan said: "If need be, we will. But before doing that we want to talk to them (Smart City Dubai) again." Company officials say the project did not take off as the government is yet to complete the registration of the land allotted for the IT park and settle a contentious stamp duty issue. Another hurdle in the implementation of the project is the issue of awarding 12 percent free-hold land to the Dubai-based firm. The company wants free-hold rights on 12 percent of land meant for the project, but the government says this demand is not part of the framework agreement signed between the two parties. Achuthanandan, who last week said Smart City Dubai was "broke", repeated his claim Wednesday, saying the company was facing "some problems" as its major Arab financiers lost huge sums when the US banks collapsed last year. "They are upset and we know what their financial position is," said the chief minister.

Cochin Smart city : Talks to continue Thursday

Thiruvananthapuram: Talks to solve the Smart city project would continue on Thursday as well. Smart City CEO Fareed Abduraham looks positive after the talks on Wednesday. The main issue was the 12 percent freehold land demanded by TECOM. The Government stated that some of the demands by TECOM were not convincing. After Wednesday's talk, the government sector feels that fresh talks may prove fruitful. For the government, minister S Sarma, IT secretary Ajayakumar, CM's principal secretary Sheela Thomas, chief secretary Neela Gangadharan and law secretary participated. The meet which began at 11 am concluded by noon.

Smart city: Crucial talks begin

Thiruvananthapuram: The crucial talk between the state government and Smart City officials to take forward the proposed Smart City Kochi software township project, began here on Wednesday.
On Tuesday chief minsiter V S Achuthanandan said that the existing lease agreement with TECOM that was signed long ago has expired and a new agreement will have to be worked out, and for that talks will resume on Wednesday with them here,' said Achuthanandan.

The chief minister had laid the foundation stone of the Rs.1,500-crore ($316-million) IT township project Nov 16, 2007, but there has been no progress since then. In June, the Dubai firmsaid it had withdrawn a contract given to the Britain-based master planner Collin Buchanan to develop the Kochi project. The statement had come two weeks after it requested the state government to ensure 12 percent of the project land be made freehold. 'Yes, we are committed to the 12 percent freehold aspect but some of their other demands are not that convincing. But nevertheless whatever we can resolve through talks we will do,' added Achuthanandan who also handles the IT portfolio.

The proposed project, to be jointly launched by the state government and Smart City Dubai, is slated to come up on a 246-acre plot with 8.8 million square feet of built-up space, of which 70 percent is earmarked for IT and IT-enabled services. The government has given a special economic zone status for 136 acres of the project. But it has neither completed the registration of the land nor settled a contentious stamp duty issue. Meanwhile, in a statement Tuesday, the Dubai firm said a company team would arrive at Thiruvanathapuram to hold discussions with the state's chief secretary. 'The meeting will focus on the pending issues causing setbacks to the development of Smart City Kochi,' said the statement. 'Once the pending issues are resolved, the planning and operational activities will be intensified. We are fully committed to the project,' the Dubai firm said.

Talks on Dubai Smart City to commence next month
Kochi, Aug 21: Talks will resume next month with Smart City Dubai to take forward the proposed Smart City Kochi project, a Rs.1,500-crore ($316-million) software township, according to Fisheries Minister and project chairman S. Sarma.

The Kerala government has intimated to Smart City Dubai - a Dubai-based company that is into setting up self-sustained townships for knowledge-based industries - that the talks could be held over two days between Sep 7 and Sep 10, Sarma told reporters here Friday."The talks between the government and the company will look into issues raised by Smart City Dubai. Once the meeting is held, we will also hold a meeting of the Smart City Kochi board," he added. In June, Smart City Dubai officials said it had withdrawn the contract with the Britain-based master planner Collin Buchnan company to develop the Smart City Kochi project.The statement had come two weeks after Smart City Dubai requested the state government to ensure 12 percent of the project land be made freehold. "We are confident that we will be able to sort out all outstanding issues and we will be able to go forward," said Sarma.

The Smart City Kochi project's foundation stone was laid Nov 16, 2007 by Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan, but there has been no progress since then.Achuthanandan has also accused the Dubai-based developer of making "unreasonable demands".
The proposed project, to be jointly launched by the state government and Smart City Dubai, is slated to come up on a 246-acre plot with 8.8 million square feet of built-up space, of which 70 percent is earmarked for IT and IT-enabled services.The government has given a special economic zone status for 136 acres of the project.But neither has it completed the registration of the land nor settled the stamp duty issue. 


Kottayam Inland container terminal inaugurated
 Kottayam,nattakom :- A Rs 9.56 crore inland container terminal under public and private participation was inaugurated by Kerala Industries Minister Elamaram Kareem here Monday. The Port and Container terminal,set up on 10 acres of land at Nattakom here, and expected to handle 6,000 containers a year, will transport export commodities, especially spices, from central Kerala, comprising Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Idukki districts.

Setting up of this terminal would ensure that export of commodities, especially spices, would become hassle-free and cheaper compared to the present mode of freight movement through Kochi port, Kareem said.


ONGC to start drilling for oil off Kochi coast   
31 July 2009

Kochi:  It will take at least 100 days to confirm whether there is hydrocarbon presence off Kochi coast, Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) chairman R.S. Sharma has Sunday. "My initial observation and assessment is quite satisfactory. We are hopeful of the presence of hydrocarbons, but now it is too early confirm that," Sharma told reporters after visiting the upstream major's exploration site. The company is all set to start a major drill for oil and oil gas from the Kochi basin Sunday. ONGC started exploration in the region last year. The company has now hired a rig from Reliance Industries which is capable to work round the clock and has a staff strength of 200 employees.


"god's own country" is going to become a paradise of india.

23 July 2009
"god's own country" is going to become a paradise of  india as we begin mining for oil in ernakulam let us celebrate this occasion to fulfill our dreams and make them come true.protect our health with good environment by keeping  our wonderful land healthy and safe without germs and healthier life style.using your money wisely and proper investment will benefit you and the growth of our community.  so we can protect our nation with prospirity.murikens group  will guide you into the right  direction.,jaiho kerala

Govt order on building tax frozen 
  22 July 2009
Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government Wedensday froze its order on building tax structure based on plinth area,after UDF Opposition members protested and alleged that government had issued the order without framing rules and bypassing the assembly.

Making an announcement in this regard in the assembly, Minister for Local Self Government Paloli Mohamed Kutty said the new tax would come into effect only after the government frames rules based on the law already passed.Replying to a notice for an adjournment motion on the matter moved by the Opposition, Kutty, however rejected the Opposition contention that the new rate would be exorbitant and said government was prepared to rectify any anomalies after the assessement.The Government was in the process of framing rules, which would be ready soon, he said.

Kutty said the government had decided to implement the plinth area area based tax structure in tune with Central law in this regard and also considering the fact that local bodies were now collecting building tax on rates fixed 10 to 15 years ago.Most Local bodies were finding difficult to pay salaries from their revenue, he said. Opposition leader Oommen Chandy and Kerala Congress(M) leader K.M. Mani said the executive order on new tax structure was against the constitutional norms. The tax cannot be collect without rules, based on the executive order, he said, adding that it amounted to overlooking the rights of MLAs and also the assembly.

SmartCity IT township project off  

Monday,15 June 2009
Kochi: Smart City Dubai, a Gulf-based company that is into setting up self-sustained townships for knowledge-based industries, Sunday said it was no longer interested in its proposed Rs.1,500-crore ($316 million)-IT township project in this state.In a statement, the company said it has withdrawn the contract with UK-based master planner Collin Buchnan company to develop the Smart City Kochi IT township project. "We regret to inform all those concerned that we have been forced to close our contract with the internationally renowned UK-based Master Planning Consultants," said company chief executive Fareed Abdul Rahman in a press statement. The statement comes two weeks after Smart City Dubai urged the state government June 1 to sort out the issue of freehold land, and wanted an assurance that 12 percent of the land for the project be freehold.

The company said despite its "best efforts to sort out issues by way of action", it has "only heard statements" in the media about more discussions on the subject of freehold. "After our recent press meeting, it was said that Smart City will come to know of the Government of Kerala's decision by the first week of June. Once the Government of Kerala takes action in resolving the pending issues and we mutually agree on the way forward, the Master Planners will recommence developing Smart City Kochi," said Rahman. The Smart City Kochi project's foundation stone was laid Nov 16, 2007 by Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan. Since then, there has been no progress. Achuthanandan has accused the Dubai-based developer of making "unreasonable demands". The proposed project, to be jointly launched by the state government and Smart City Dubai, is slated to come up on a 246-acre plot with 8.8 million square feet of built-up space, of which 70 percent is earmarked for IT and IT-enabled services.

The government has already given the special economic status to 136 acres of the project land and is yet to get the same for the remaining land. But it has not completed the registration of the land and not settled the stamp duty issue


SmartCity planning more knowledge centres

Tuesday, Jun 02, 2009
KOCHI: The Dubai-based SmartCity is holding talks with two governments outside the subcontinent to set up knowledge cities along the lines of its upcoming projects in Kochi and Malta.In a chat with business reporters here on Monday, Fareed Abdulrahman, Chief Executive Officer of SmartCity and SmartCity Kochi, said the announcements in this regard would be made at an appropriate time shortly. Mr. Abdulrahman said that SmartCity aimed at creating a mark for Kochi on the Information Technology map of India. Kochi has all the resources to become one of the three top cities in the county. In order to achieve this, it should be promoted among foreign director investors as a destination for investment. He said that SmartCity would make an initial investment of $500 million in its Kochi project. He denied that SmartCity was resorting to pressure tactics for implementation of the project. SmartCity is very positive about the project, he added. Mr. Abdulrahman said that since the SmartCity Kochi project was a huge one, its master plan would be drawn up in a phased manner. Later in the day, Mr. Abdulrahman visited the project site at Edachira near here. He will be in India till Wednesday.

Tecom delegation to arrive tomorrow

Sunday, May 31, 2009

KOCHI: Raising hopes of a solution to the uncertainty over the progress of the proposed SmartCity Kochi project, a high-level team from Tecom, the Dubai-based promoters of the project, will arrive in the city on Monday.
Fareed Abdulrahman, chief executive officer of the SmartCity Kochi, will lead the team. Though Mr. Abdulrahman has scheduled to address the media on Monday, there was no clarification as to whether the team will hold discussions with the State government representatives to iron out the differences of opinion hampering the progress of the project. No meeting has been scheduled with the State government till now, it is learnt. We have made it clear in our earlier communications with Tecom that the State government was open to holding discussions at any time,” Fisheries Minister S. Sarma, who is also the chairman of SmartCity Kochi, told ,He, however, added that no specific time had been fixed for discussions as yet. This is for the first time that a top level team from Tecom was visiting the State after the fifth meeting of the board of directors held here in December last year. The sixth director board meeting scheduled for March this year was called off by Tecom citing the poor health of one of its senior officials. The project had been remaining in limbo ever since the difference of opinion regarding the 12 per cent freehold land cropped up between Tecom and the State government. While Tecom had asked for inclusion of the provision of freehold land in the fresh lease, Mr. Sarma, airing the view of the State government, had said that the demand was an ‘untimely’ one.He said the issue should be raised by Tecom only after the master plan for the SmartCity Kochi project was readied and approved by the board. Besides, Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan had on more than one occasion said that Tecom was reluctant to take the project forward since it was affected by the global economic recession. Mr. Abdulrahman shot it down during a telephonic interaction with mediapersons soon after Mr. Achuthanandan expressed the view first time early this year.However, Tecom maintained complete silence even after Mr. Sarma accused it of raising untimely demands.

Smart City:-Kerala minister flays TECOM
Kochi, May 25:

A few days after Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said the global slowdown might delay the launch of Kochi's Smart City project, state Fisheries Minister S. Sarma Monday said the project developer was now making fresh demands that were not part of the agreement. Smart City Dubai has not even placed a brick at the site, Sarma, also the chairman of the Rs.1,500 crore ($316 million) project, said while speaking at a function here. "We are bound by the agreement and we will honour it by all means. But instead of going ahead as planned, they (Smart City Dubai) are now coming up with fresh demands," he said. "Now they want to get free hold rights of 12 percent of total project land, which amounts to 39 acres. As per the agreement, this becomes due only after the master plan is ready. But the plan is yet to be ready," the minister added.

Earlier May 20, Achuthanandan had said the developer might not have the required funds because of the financial crunch. He also accused the Dubai-based firm of making "undeserving demands".The proposed project, to be jointly launched by the state government and infrastructure major Smart City, is slated to come up on a 246-acre plot with 8.8 million square feet of built-up space, of which 70 percent is earmarked for IT and IT-enabled services. The foundation stone of the project was laid Nov 16, 2007 by Achuthanandan and since then, barring a few board meetings, there has been no movement in the project.Earlier Smart City Dubai chief executive Fareed Abdulrahman had said the company wanted the land holding issue settled first.He added that the company had put on hold recruitment of additional human resources until the freehold issue was resolved.However, Sarma said the demand was "outside the purview of the agreement"."See, we just can't violate the agreement. If we do so, then it would lead to endless rounds of controversies," he added.Meanwhile, the state Youth Congress has called for a march towards the project site June 1, calling for the government's speedy action to bring the project into reality.Youth Congress leader P.S. Prasanth said the protest meet would be inaugurated by Leader of the Opposition Oommen Chandy."The state government instead of blaming others first have to do its job. We just can't afford to lose this project," said Prasanth.


Kerala govt is planning to allow construction with certain rules


People have filled paddy and other land to construct buildings either for residential or business purposes. Recently govt has stopped the people filling such properties especially the agricultural land .  Now it is heard that the govt is planning to allow construction with certain rules. There are legal procedures which are likely to differ from place to place.  The filled land will be assessed by a team of  thahaildar, village officer and public nominees  and charge a penalty for filling the land.  If it was not in proper way it will make only another chance for corruption by the officials.



The govt of Kerala is again moving to fix the land revenue tariff which they have done before spending lakhs of money. The common man can not afford any increase of land transaction tariff.  The tariff value declared by the government is much higher than the actual value. In some cases, the tariff value of a land near main road and meters away from main road without road facility and even the value of paddy land tariff is same. If the actual land value is less than the tariff, the stamp paper for govt tariff is to be used for all transaction.  This will incur high stamp paper price for the dealers. The govt has started this tariff without any thought. Ultimately there is a stagnation of land transaction causing heavy financial income loss..  If the govt and the officials rethink and amend the land tariff the govt can earn mare revenue and the public life will be eased.



KOCHI: SmartCity chief executive officer Fareed Abdulrahman has described as a landmark the recent announcement by Fisheries and Registration Minister S. Sarma “about the Government of Kerala’s readiness to sign the fresh lease without any further delay.” He has said that SmartCity is “all geared up to sign the lease agreement which is the critical step towards registering” the 246 acres (99 hectares) of land in totality and securing the special economic zone (SEZ) status for the project.A statement issued in Dubai on Sunday said SmartCity would seek an appointment with Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan in the coming days to update him about the progress of the project and bestow “clarity” on recent developments. Mr. Abdulrahman would be accompanied by a high-level team from SmartCity.“ At the outset we would like to thank the Government of Kerala for their reassurance that there will be no further delay in getting SmartCity Kochi under way,” Mr Abdulrahman said.
“We are certain that the Government of Kerala has kept the spirit of the Framework Agreement in the suggestions we have put across for the leases and look forward to being in Kerala soon to sign the leases and step on the accelerator to fulfil the vision of Kochi and its people.”“Today we stand at a time when the world economy is on the verge of a downturn. Despite this, we are going to witness the rise of SmartCity Kochi, which translates the vision of Kochi into an IT/ITeS destination,” he added.

The project has been “on the discussion board due to various procedural bottlenecks since the Framework Agreement was signed between SmartCity and the Government of Kerala in May 2007,” the statement noted.“Technical issues pertaining to the unresolved aspects” had held up the signing of the lease agreement. The key issues related to the “adding” of “un-acquired patta land” of 19 cents (0.08 hectare) located at the centre of a land measuring 114 acres (46 hectares), incorporating a clause pertaining to 12 per cent freehold land, and SmartCity’s request for signing the leases for 132 acres (53 hectares) and 114 acres together to secure a total of 246 acres simultaneously.“The clauses pertaining to the 12 per cent freehold land is not a new topic and it is already in the broader Framework Agreement,” the statement said. “SmartCity has requested the Government of Kerala to incorporate the necessary clauses in the new lease agreement” before it is finalised for registration and signing.The statement noted that a consensus had been reached on the sharing of cost and relocation of the Kerala State Electricity Board installations and a Public Works Department road. The government had announced that SmartCity would be exempted from payment of stamp duty. At the previous Board of Directors’ meeting, it was decided that once SEZ status was obtained for the 132-acre and 114-acre tracts, SmartCity and the government would jointly try to secure a “single SEZ status” for the project.


Kerala is again moving to fix the land revenue tariff
Government of Kerala’s readiness to sign the fresh lease without any further delay for smartcity

Green  flag for Idukki  Airport in  Anakkara

We are please to inform all that on 22/01/09  Airport authority of India general manager  M A . Ervveleppan,Joint general manager Mr. A Mcatt and Mr.Pradeep sarma had visited  Anakkara in Idukki district of Kerala State, the proposed site  for the new airport. They found that Anakkara is the most suitable location for this purpose as 500 to 750 acres of level land is available. If this dream come, it will help for the development of this area. Tourist can make their journey more comfortable and visit and enjoy the natural beauty of places like Munnur, thekkadi vagamon, kumali etc faster


KOCHI: The proposed SmartCity Kochi project seems to have run into another roadblock

KOCHI: The proposed SmartCity Kochi project seems to have run into another roadblock as a high-level meeting held on Wednesday to finalise a proposal of a core committee on relocation of equipment of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) on 100 acres of the project land failed to reach any conclusive decision. Even though Fisheries Minister S. Sarma, who is the chairman of SmartCity Kochi, said that the issue has been settled and that the Chief Secretary will submit a report to the Chief Minister on Thursday or Friday, he declined to reveal the decision reached at the meeting.The core committee proposal was that while the cost of about Rs.1.02 crore for relocating the dormitory complex and air quality monitoring station of the electricity department be shared between the State government and SmartCity, the Rs. 48 lakh for relocating the sedimentation tank and pump house be borne by the government alone. This meant that the government would have to bear almost Rs.1 crore for moving out the equipment.A final decision on the proposal was expected at the meeting held at Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday which included the Chief Secretary and Secretaries of Finance and Law departments.



However, the government representatives declined to give any firm commitment much to the dismay of the SmartCity officials who were hopeful of placing the proposal before the director board meeting slated for next month for approval. Besides, opinion seemed to be divided among the government representatives as one section feels that the proposal of the core committee should be accepted while the other section wants an arrangement without moving out the equipment. SmartCity representatives were under the impression that the proposal had already been extensively discussed and received in-principle approval.They looked at the meeting as a platform for the government to give its green signal officially.The electricity department had asked for 18 months to complete the shifting provided things went smooth.With indecision prevailing and no meeting being scheduled to further discuss ways to resolve the issue, promoters fear further delay.This would prolong the proceedings to apply for Special Economic Zone status for the 100 acres involved, sources said.


Waiting: Kochi, which has seen land prices going very high, awaits the new fair value regime as does the rest of the State.


The colossal government effort to declare the fair values of land in the State has moved with considerable deliberation in its last lap.Given the magnitude of the task, the delay in issuing the final fair-value notification seems expected. For long, this attempt to bring order to the land market had been considered impossible even.When the draft notification was issued on May 5, the final notification was expected by July-end. However, rounds of deliberations over complaints and suggestions have taken time. Now, the notification is expected in early February.Revenue Minister K.P. Rajendran says he expects it within a short time. Discussions with the District Collectors have been completed. A final meeting on the draft notification and the changes likely in the final order is scheduled in Thiruvananthapuram in November, he adds.Officials from various departments, such as those of the Revenue and Registration, are on the job. The work does not face any stumbling block.Fixing of land fair value has been necessitated by Section 28A of the Kerala Stamp Act, 1959, read with Rule 4 of the Kerala Stamp (Fixation of Fair Value of Land) Rules, 1995. Village-level deliberations over the draft notification have seen complaints and suggestions pouring in, says a revenue official. Thousands of queries have been answered, petitions addressed and face-to-face rounds with complainants completed.The village officers have looked into the complaints and, in many cases, met the complainants, allowing them to air their grievances. In most cases, the suggestions were of undervaluation or overvaluation of property.Each of these has been looked into to ensure that the final notification reflects the ground realities and is authentic. Whatever corrections could be made at the village level had been carried out and the corrected versions of the draft have been handed over to the revenue divisional officers.

The village officers have helped to eliminate duplication, included plots left out of the draft notification and corrected the draft on the basis of hearings and complaints. A village officer in Ernakulam says the draft has been thoroughly reviewed.The most significant variation between the draft and the final notifications is expected to be the price. The final values are likely to be lower than those in the draft in many cases.If the draft notification insisted on giving 80 per cent of the actual market value as the fair value, the final notification is likely to bring this down to about 50 per cent, it is learnt. The sub-registrars’ offices has been ordered to fix the fair value based on this consideration.The other focus areas, such as classification of land, are expected to be as in the draft notification. Pieces of land have been divided into 15 categories and their prices fixed on the basis of the classification, based on variables such as access to road.A revenue official notes that many complaints were based on individual perceptions or interests. For example, in some cases, complaints related to undervaluation of property likely to be taken over by the government for public projects.


SmartCity officials meet Chief Secretary

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Senior officials of the SmartCity project met the Chief Secretary and other top State government officials here on Wednesday to discuss matters connected with the shifting of certain installations of the Kerala State Electricity Board from the project area located at Kakkanad in Kochi.The shifting would entail expenses. The question discussed at the meeting was whether the State government would foot the bill.

The promoters of the project, Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (TECOM), argued that it was unfair to pass this liability on to them. TECOM was represented at the meeting by Smart City project director Sajeev Unnikrishnan and business development manager Mithun Biru.A decision on the issue raised by TECOM has to be taken at the Cabinet level. Earlier in the day, the TECOM officials met Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan.


Thiruvananthapuram ;Vizhinjam: land notification annulled


Cabinet to de-notify areas proposed to be acquired ;Fresh notification to cover only 120 hectares;
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Cabinet on Wednesday decided to annul the notification issued for acquisition of land for the Vizhinjam International covering only 120 hectares.The move to acquire more than 1,000 hectares for the projTranshipment Terminal and issue fresh notification ect had resulted in public protests.Briefing the media on the Cabinet decisions, Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan said that the land was to be acquired only for essential facilities such as roads and rail connections, work yard and work area. The Chief Minister recalled that the acquisition was proposed on the basis of the report prepared by the Kerala Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation (KITCO). Following complaints, a committee headed by the Chief Secretary had been asked to look into the matter. The Cabinet took the decisions on the basis of its recommendations.




               What is the present position of much-popularized step of state government, fixation of tariff price on land?  Months ago our respected minister declared in a press conference that “if the tariff price of every land in kerala is fixed and published, all kinds of corruption related to land registration will come to an end and it will be a relief to the common people and will increase the state income considerably”.  Everybody welcomed the declaration of the minister.  Dates are fixed for the publication of the draft, submission of complaints from the people and publication of final tariff price.  

 But now all the dates are passed away. The final tariff price has not yet delivered. It is still under cold storage. There is news that the Government has given direction to the concerned officers to prepare another tariff price by reducing the value by 25% of the draft tariff price, which is already published.   Before long, we can expect, a wonderful tariff price may be delivered.  The head of the final tariff price may have similarity to that of a donkey, the stomach is just like the stomach of the Hon’ble minister and the legs are that of polio affected child.  

              What a shame! What an administration!  Is this a democratized administration? Is this the administration of god’s own country?  Is this the administration of the most literated state in India?  This is shame for all educated people of this glorious state.

              Dear Minister, do you think that the preparation of an effective tariff price on land is an easy task? Do you think government officials can do this as per certain direction from the government?  No. It is impossible. Because the rate of each survey number of  land varies from place to place depending upon so many factors.  There is “No land with fixed price, the price is variable depending upon buyers needs “  

               So, if you want to prepare an effective tariff price on land, firstly, a  panchayath ward level committee should be constituted for this purpose. The Panchayath member, his rival candidate and one government/ retired officer of revenue or statistical department may   be the committee members.  They should be empowered to fix the land value of each land depending upon the nature of land, nearness to the junction and various types of roads.  It should be aligned with the market value of land.  Secondly this tariff price must be reviewed once in a year.  Please consider these suggessions positively.





If we go through Indian History, we can come across a Ruler in Delhi named Muhamed Bin Thuglak. His administrative reforms were paradoxical and full of foolery.  Similar type of orders are issuing by the present Authorities of the State.  

The state Government has published draft tariff price on land on 30th May 2008 and also declared that the Final Tariff price will be published on 1st week of July 2008, but now July 2008 is disappearing  from the vicinity of horizon.  But so far the Rulers have done no declaration about the final tariff price. 


The Government is under heavy pressure from many sides.  The land mafia, concerned government officials, politicians and political parties and the document writers are the losers.  The Government – the public- is the real gainer. But who cares about the public. 


There is a small gossip spreading in the market, for not publishing the tariff price.  The gossip is this. The Government has to take land from Public for some developmental works. For this the Government has to give due compensation to the landowner as per tariff price, if it is declared.   In order to avoid such situation the Government is planning to reduce the tariff price to 50 %.  What a pathetic situation. The State Government is going back from its own decision on petty grounds.  How much of tax money has spent for preparing a draft tariff price on all land in Kerala. All are waste.  This is called Thuglak’s Administrative Reforms.  OK Thuglak, you are still living in Kerala as present Rulers.





4480 Acres of Government Land has Given for Lease. Due in Lease Amount is 55.31 Crores.

Trivandrum : dated 26.06.2008
The state Government is planning to capture all leased lands which violated the specified conditions, says Sri K.P.Rajendran during the Assembly Session. The Government has given 6450 acres of land for lease to 1539 organisations and to 4476 individuals.  In Trivandrum district alone these lease land comes to 1222.76 acres.  Tenure of most of them has expired.  The land has given for lease to Clubs managed by high level people in various districts by the government for public purposes. But today most of them are not paying rent.  There is an over due of Rs. 55.31 crores. Some of the Clubs are giving the property of the club for marriage and such other purposes and collects money as rent. These kinds of action are against the conditions specified in the lease  agreement. Because of these reasons Government wants to capture these leased lands. 

  Peoples say
                 If the Minister’s wish comes to a reality, it is a good step. But if we look through a common man’s point of view, we can see the lack of sincerity of the rulers. Here in Kerala the Government is changing in every five years.   Corruption is prevailing everywhere.  Almost all political leaders and top officials are following a luxurious life.  At the same time poor people are in a desperate life. Common people are struggling.   Police are made inefficient.  Their activities are politicalised. They have an unholy relation with antisocial elements. ……………?? 

              Was this the dream of Bapuji?   Sorry Bapuji your place has given to frog.  This is Kerala, the so called mental sanatorium quoted by Swami Vivekananda



 Trivandrum: Dated 15.06.2008,   Action has started against all illegal and fraudulent land transactions which carried out during the recent years, says Sri K.P. Rajendran, State Minister for Revenue at Thiruvananthapuram. The vigilance and inspection wing under the Dy. Collector of each District has started verification of all land transactions. For this they are inspecting all related records from various Government Offices such as Village Offices, Taluk Offices, Survey Offices and Registration Offices.   

The minister also remarked, on the basis of the verification reports all illegal and fraudulent land transactions will be cancelled and such land will be forfeited to the Government. It is also reported that a state level monitoring cell has also constituted to handle all complaints with regard to transactions in the State. The members of the monitoring cell are the Assistant Commissioner, Joint Secretary, Dy. Secretary and Superintendent of Revenue Department.





The land verified for the proposed IT Park at Kottayam.    


District Agricultural Farm at Kozha is under consideration.

As per the direction of the District Collector, Ms. Sharmila Mary Joseph, officers have done a primary verification to find a suitable place for the proposed IT Park at Kottayam district.  20 hectors of land is required for this project.   It is reported that the officers has visited the District Agricultural Farm at Kozha and gave a primary report to the Collector.  Area of the farm is around 100 acres.   Out of which majority of the land is un cultivated for many years.  The Officers of DAF daily gets 100’s of rupees by selling ordinary grass to the local people. This is the only benefit of this farm.  If this place is selected to the proposed IT Park, it will be right decision. The proposed park needs only 50 acres of land.  Balance 50 acres of land are sufficient for the implementation of the proposed K R Narayanan, Memorial Agricultural University.



Land Verification under the leadership of Sri Cyriac Davis, KITCO, representative.

 It is reported that the dream of a new aerodrome at Kottayam district comes to a reality. The basic land selection process starts today under the leadership of KITCO representative Sri Cyriac Davis.  Approximately 150 acres of land is required for the proposed aerodrome. Kumarakom, Puthupally, Ayarkunnam etc. are the places under consideration. The district panchayath has allocated an amount of 10 lakhs rupees for the initial expenditure of the proposed project.  Sri Cyriac Davis who is the designer of the Nedumbassery International Air Port, and his team will consult with the District Authorities at 10 30 am today. After that they may visit the proposed places and select the suitable place for the new aerodrome.   The new aerodrome at Kottayam will boost up the economy of the district. No.of tourists to Kumarakom and Thekady will increase and the traveling of the people will become so easy and comfortable. 



30/5/2008- TVM

You can send suggestions through email to the ministers through this link regarding the land fair value fixation  click here

 To know the new land fair value in kerala click here

M.G. Road, Ernakulam, highest valuable land in the State.

Trivandrum : The Government of Kerala  has opened the new web site publishing the draft of Traiff price on land in  the state. As per this both sides of M.G. Road, Ernakulam gets the highest tariff priced  land in the state.  It is about 61 lakhs per cent whereas it is only 8 lakhs per cent in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode cities But the price is  higher near the Smart City in Ernakulam and Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram.  The State Government is considering to reduce the stamp duty on registration, Mr. Sharma, the State Registration Minister, pointed out.

Tariff price on land fixed considering 15 factors such as nearness to various types of roads, fertility of land, irrigation facilities, nearness to sea or hills etc. The details of draft tariff price are available on the website “”  The tariff price has sectored village office wisely. There are 1740 Village Offices in the state. If there is any complaint about the draft,  the public can complaint to the RDO. The RDO personally attend the complaint and decide. The final tariff price will publish on the 1st week of July, 2008


          The land value may change due to several reasons such as purchasing capacity of the people,   bank rate policy of RBI   etc. So the Tariff price must be reviewed at least once in a year. For that an expert committee should be constituted in each village/panchayat. The Officials/retired Officials of Revenue and Statistics departments should be included in the committee.  Because they are familiar and experts in the classification of land. The ward member and the highest opposition candidate should also be included in the committee.  The concerned Panchayat President must be statutory head of the committee.  Proper training and instructions to be given to the committee by the government.

       It is quite interesting to see that the Tariff price is very high in places which are nearer to national high ways and state high ways. But as per the existing rule, buildings cannot be constructed with in 35 mtrs. on both sides of  high ways.  Some sort of contradictions can be seen in these two approaches.  Clarifications should be given by the Government with regard these contradictory approaches.



The State Government is planning to pass a Bill related to Nelvayal and the protection of Neerthadams during the assembly session of Feb. 2008.  The Bill may pass in the Assembly because the ruling alliance has huge majority of in the House. The bill became contraversory due to its contents, hidden agendas and the partition approach to the farmers. 

As per this bill the Government has empowered to capture any uncultivated land from the farmer with out paying any compensation and transfer the same to any party subsidiaries called Kudumbasree or Padashekhara Samithi.  Poor common man may think, there is nothing wrong in this bill because the Government is taking only uncultivated land from the farmers.

But before going to take conclusion, we must think, why a farmer is keeping his land uncultivated for a long time.  There are so many reasons.. Very high wage structure prevailing in this State, shortage of agricultural workers, Low bench mark price,  Water scarcity, structure of paddy filed, pest attack etc. are the main reasons.

What are helps to the farmers given by Government?  Every year as per budget provision Government allocates a portion of its fund to agricultural sector.  But every body knows that major share of this fund goes to the pockets of the concerned officials and politicians and the balance goes to the pockets of party sympathizers.  Not even one paisa goes to the hand of the real farmers.

Before passing the bill in the Assembly, the Government may please enquire the present position of the land which captured years ago from Murikans in Allepuzha dist and transferred the same to the Communist Party Workers.

More than 51 years passed since the inception of Kerala State. The hardworking nature of Keralaites is well-known. Each and every corner of the world there is one Keralite.  Nearly 25000 Crores of rupees flowing to Kerala every year.  But what is the present position of this “Gods own Country”!! We have nearly 62,000 crores rupees as foreign debt. Strikes, Harthals, Political killings and robbery are the day to day incidents in the sate. Very high tax structure is prevailing in the state. So corruption is every where. The Government has no sincerity towards the welfare of common man.  The minister is loyal to his party only.  The economic policy of the government has shifted. It is not the economical upliftment of the poor man, but it is a vulgar policy related to common man’s stomach.  The cunning politician knows that if one’s stomach is full, he will leave away from political party or if his stomach is fully empty, the anger in him will rise and he will become a naxallite or revolutionists.  So the present economic policy is to keep one’s stomach in half filled position so that he will always be the slave and loyal to his master. 

Not only economic policy but also all other policies such as education, agriculture etc. are framed in this concept.  They have succeeded in splitting the society into hundreds of fractions and encouraged the dissatisfaction among themselves.   The farmers are spread among  many fractions.  Without considering small differences, the farmers must be united under one roof. As long as they are scattered on petty grounds their exploitation will be continued by anti social elements.

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The State Government has released the draft of Tariff Prices of land.  As per this, the entire land has categorized in to 15 sections, according to the market value of each land considering the nearness to the different types of roads.  The draft has published in books.  These books are made available in concerned Village Offices for the verification of the facts to the people.  Suggestions and complaints if any can be submitted within two months.  Moreover, the draft will be published in the Website also.
                         If it is implemented properly, the main advantage of this is, it can prevent the flow of black money, the malpractices of land mafia and the corruptional  practices prevailing in each land transaction case. But here the most important step should be taken by the Government itself.   It should lower the tax rate nearly around 4%.  Then only the co-operation from the public can be expected.  Everything depends upon the quality of the tariff price.   The tariff price must be reviewed once in a year by an expert local committee.




The state govt. has taken steps to amend the land registration rules in order to control the flow of black money and the curreptional practices prevailing in land registration cases. There is a primary contract between the buyer and  the seller  regarding the value of the property, amount of advance,  date of registration etc, upon  a  fifty rupee stamp paper  duly signed  by the concerned parties and the witnesses. At present this primary contract document need not   be presented at the time of registration. But as per the new amendment of section 17 of the registration rule, the primary contract document should compulsorily be presented at the time registration.  Due to this action the correct value of the property comes on govt. records. The govt. thinks that the flow of black money can  be controlled  and the income from land registration can be raised as per this amendment . But what may be net result of this new amendment can be seen after a short period. Any way that may not be in accordance with good wishes of the govt. Small  and   poor flies may fall on the new net spreaded by the government. The real estate mafiya  and  the rich people can easily over come this amendment by producing a false primary contract deed. This is Kerala, the so called” God’s Own Country.”  

 If the state  government. Sincerely  wishes  to stop all evil  practices   in   land registration   cases, they may  take  some  practical steps immediately. The  first  one   is, lower he tax rate to 4 %  in all kinds registration. The  second one is  fix the tharif price  of the land  survey number wisely  considering  the nearness to the junction, main road, other bus road,panchayath road ,  mud road, interior  irrigable land, un irrigable land, barren and un cultivable land etc. Declare the tharif price. The buyer should calculate and   remit the tax in treasury. The application along with the receipt should be submitted in the concerned offices. . The Document must be abstract just like  the present S.S.L.C   certificate  .The essential details, sketch of the land  with adjacent survey nos.,and full name of its  present owners., Election I D Card number, Ration Card number ,the Panchayath House number and the photo of the buyer should be printed on the Document   It should be laminated  . No need of the service of the document writers. 


Kottayam dated 22/02/08

 It is reported that the LDF Government in Kerala is trying to trespass the rights of farmers on the pretext that they are protecting ecology and trying to boost up the production of paddy. They are planning to capture the uncultivated lands from the farmers and transfer the same Kudumbasrees, or the Padashekhara Samithi.The State Government is trying to pass a related bill during the assembly session of Feb. 2008.

Korakandom wetlands in Wynad, Kaippadu wet lands in Kannur, Karapuram wet lands in Alapuzha, Kolakkai Padoms in Kasargode, Coal lands in Trissur and Malapuram, Kuttanadan Padaoms in Alappuzha – Pathanamthitta – Kottayam districts, Pallivaya Padoms in Malapuram, Pokkali lands in Ernakulam, whole wetlands in Palakkad, Wetlands and paddy fields come under the ayakat area of any small scale irrigation projects are the Padashekharams mentioned in the Bill.

Since there is no organizational strength to the farmers the quantity of exploitation of the farmers is increasing day by day.  Every leader is helping the farmers only front of the Loudspeaker.  The State Government is not willing to assist the farmers, on the other hand.  they may give assistance to Kudumbsrees or Padashekhara Samithi……….

“”””””””It is very clear that the main motive behind this bill is not to increase the production of food grain, but some how capture the paddy lands from the farmers. “”””””””


Kottayam :  20/2/2008

Orders have issued by State Chief Engineer (NH) regarding prohibition of building construction on both sides of 8 National High Ways within a width of 35 mtrs.  This road prohibits not only new construction but also the expansion of existing structures. The rule came into effect since 13th Feb. 2008.  As a result thousands of people to purchased land to construct houses and other buildings has in dilemma.
Valayar – Kaliykavila (NH47), Thalapady – Edappally (NH17), Bodimet – Kundannur (NH49), Ekundanur – Wellington Isaland (NH47), Kollam – Aryankavu – (NH 200), Kozhikode-Muthanga (NH212), Palkkad – Kozhikode (NH213), Kollam – Kumali (NH220) are the eight national highways for which the rule effects.  For those works for which sanction from High Way Engineer has received before 13th Feb. 2008 has excluded from the order.  But the period of completion of such works is limited to three years.

The speedy implementation of this rule is due to the direction from Central Authority to avoid the payment of high compensation for acquiring land for the widening of

National High Ways
.  The rate of increase in land transaction on both sides of National Highways is also another reason for quick effect of this rule. The related orders has sent to all Highway Offices.
35 Mtrs from the centre of the road to both sides are the prohibited area.  Previously this was only 15 mtrs.  The Sate Government also decided to prohibit all construction work within 40 mtrs. of state high ways and within 30 mtrs of district roads.   The declaration to this effect will be published in the Gazette soon……..

  “”” Peoples say it is a big burden and un calculated dissection taken by govt to the public ……….”””



Tipper and JCBs captured. Kottayam, 19tgh Feb. 2008.

On the ground of violation of prohibitory orders issued in connection with land filling, Police has captured two JCBs and two Tippers and arrested four men. ……….

 Common People says the statement of Revenue Minister regarding the Bill related to land filling (Ref. statement of Revenue Minister dated 6.11.2007 at Trissur) and the actions and orders of R.D.O. Kottayam are not matching. Perhaps that Official shows more loyalty than the KKKing.


Kottayam dated 18.02.2008.

The Kottayam R.D.O. has issued some relaxation in his previous order relating to land filling.  As per this the concerned Thasildar can sanction the request of the individual if it is eligible. In this context the agitation declared by Tipper and Excavator association has withdrawn

……..………..People say that the eligibility is determined by Officials and Political leaders as per the thickness of money. This is a way for transferring money from the pockets of common man to the pockets of officials and political leaders. Hai … What a fantastic administration….What a Democracy




The Bill related to Nelwayal, Neerthadam Samrakshna may be passed during the assembly session of Feb. 2008.   But prior to that the Kottayam R.D.O. has issued prohibitory orders regarding land filling. 

“”””””””Peoples say that it is unconstitutional and politically motivated. More over this will stop many developmental works and will create unemployment problems and social imbalances”””””””””


Real estate service tax lacks clarity 

SUNDAY , Nov 18, 2007

The latest Master Circular No. 96/7/2007-ST dated August23, 2007, issued by the Tax Research Unit (TRU), clarifying technical issues related to service tax, has compounded the confusion in respect of the extent of applicability of service tax on the real-estate sector.
The first step in taxing construction industry services was taken by the Government in 2004, when it brought Commercial
and Industrial Construction Services within the service tax net, effective September 10, 2004, which was expanded to cover ‘Completion and Finishing Services,’ effective June 16, 2005.

The Government also expanded the scope of the service tax levy on the sector by bringing services rendered in relation to construction of residential complexes having 12 or more units into the tax net, with effect from June 16, 2005.

Applicability of service tax 

There has been a lot of confusion on the applicability of service tax on the various players in the sector — pure developers/estate builders, builder-developers, contractors, sub-contractors, and so on due to the inconsistent stand taken by the various arms of the Government, from time to time. 

Kottayam dated 22/04/08 

The CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs), through a Circular No. 80/10/2004-ST dated September 17, 2004, had clarified that “Estate Builders” (presumably this was supposed to mean developers/builders who had contracted out the construction activity to contractors) are not covered under the ambit of these services and it is only the hired contractors engaged by these builders who are to be taxed.

Based on this clarification, pure developers who had employed contractors, took a view that no service tax was applicable to them. Though this Circular was issued in relation to Commercial and Industrial Construction Services, the logic was equally applicable to services rendered in the construction of residential complexes as well.

Contradictory stands
This clear view of the Government was changed by a Circular issued by the Director-General of Service Tax, Mumbai, dated February 16, 2006, wherein a contrary view was taken, to the effect that builders who employ contractors would also be liable for service tax, based on the Supreme Court’s decision in K. Raheja Development Corporation vs State of Karnataka [2005 NTV (Vol 27)-243].

The fact that the Supreme Court’s decision was rendered in the context of applicability of sales tax on a civil works contract and had nothing to do with service tax, was not appreciated. It was, however, apparent that the Department was more concerned with the huge differentials that exist between the rates charged by contractors to developers and those charged by the latter to the purchasers of flats, in terms of loss of service tax revenues rather than the legality of the levy on developers. Based on the DG’s circular, developers/estate builders who had employed contractors came under a lot of pressure to pay service tax.

Even as the CBEC and the Service Tax Department took contradictory stands, the TRU issued a Clarification dated August 1, 2006, on the levy of service tax on the construction of residential complexes.


Lease agreement and foundation for Smart City in kerala

Friday, Nov 16, 2007

The lease agreement for land earmarked for the Smart City project was signed here on Thursday.

Ajay Kumar, Director, Information Technology, representing the State government, and Farid Abdul Rahman, Executive Director of Tecom, signed the deed for 234.5 acres out of the total 246 acres (93.8 hectares out of 98.4 hectares) of land at a function held at Infopark. The deed is for 99 years.

The government received a demand draft for Rs. 99.4 crore out of the total Rs. 104 crore. The remaining land will be handed over as soon as the rehabilitation of inhabitants is completed. IT Adviser to the Chief Minister Joseph C. Mathew; District Collector A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish; Project Director, Smart City, Baju George; Infopark Chief Executive Officer Radhakrishnan Nair; and Tecom Marketing Director Jazia Mohammed were present.

Later, Mr. Mathew told presspersons that no waiver in registration and stamp duty was granted to Tecom.

“The State government has not granted any benefit not mentioned in the agreement signed in May. “If they were to claim benefits in terms of the land being in the Special Economic Zone, they would have to approach the Centre,” he said. He said the remaining amount due from Tecom would be received as soon as the rest of the land was handed over


Applictions for Land   Filling  will not  accept until February -_ kerala Minister


Thrissur-   Minister  K.P. Rajendran  told media  that , He instructed  Collectors not to accept application for land filling   Until  February . Because  Bill  for    Nell vayal , Neer thadam Samrakshana will be passed on february . Niyamasabha  select a committee will  enquire about  Bill  instructions  inorder  to finalise the Bill and will start their work   on Tuesday at Thrissur . There is a hidden agenda to raise the tarrif of land value by the Government . It is rumoured that Government has   decided to raise the tarrif  from 30 % to 50 % .



Order for Renewal of land value fixation in kerala 


Land value will be renewed in Kerala state – As the Govt of kerala came to know about the lose of crores in stamp duty as per the existing land value fixation . Govt ordered to the concerned officials to renew it and report back before 06.09.07 . Before  4 months  Govt issued orders to village officers to refix the market value of land as stating existing land value fixation is not practical. Village officials carry out the order by preparing the list total land divided in to 15 groups (like land with industrial importance, land with water frontage , road access, Etc) for value fixation.. As they clear the order new order been issued for revaluation of land. As per the existing land value fixation it is already less than 50/70 percent of the orginal value which cause big lose to Govt  in stamp duty .Govt is planning to reduce the stamp duty on current year which will cause lose of crores followed by this they want refixation of land value again.


Kerala Government cuts stamp duty on flats
Thiruvananthapuram, July 24

The Assembly approved changes to the Kerala Finance Bill 2007-08 to bring into effect a reduction in stamp duty on flats and metal crushers. Flats assessed to be below a cost price of Rs 5 lakh would be totally exempted from tax, the Finance Minister, Dr Thomas Isaac, announced in the Assembly. For those assessed to be above this threshold limit, the rates have been reduced to 10 per cent, nine per cent and 6.5 per cent in corporation, municipal and panchayat areas, in tha t order. The amendments proposed also bring relief in tax incident on purchase of metal crushers of large, medium and small sizes.


Kerala government plans to reduce the stamp duty for flats


 TVM:- kerala government plans to reduce the stamp duty for flats , Now it comes to 15.5 % so it is a big burden to ordinary people, government also considers to put a minimum fixed price for every flat, considering  its sqft area, and also plans to charge a higher rate for luxury flats . These decisions take only to the end of budget conference


kerala goverment revised the Building tax


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The State Government has decided to revise building tax, shifting from annual rent-based to floor area- based calculation. The new rates would come into effect in this financial year.

Panchayats, Municipalities and Corporations will have different rates. The panchayats rates will vary from Rs. 3 to Rs. 8 a sq. mt., Municipality rates from Rs. 6 to Rs. 15 and Corporation rates Rs.8 to Rs. 20. But in the first phase, the Government has fixed the panchayat rate varying from Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 a sq mt., Municipality rates from Rs. 5 to Rs. 8 and corporation rates from Rs. 8 to Rs. 12, the Local Administration Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty said in the Assembly on Friday.

Making a suo motu statement under Rule 300 of the House proceedings, Mr. Mohammed Kutty said tax rates were not revised at the mandatory five-year intervals since 1993 (when the Panchayat- Municipalities Acts came into force). He said huts, houses constructed under the EMS housing Project and beneficiaries of financial assistance from Fisheries, Scheduled Caste –Scheduled Tribes departments would be exempted from building tax along with houses with a floor area of 30 sq. mts. The process of preparing the tax rates after numbering of houses would take a year, he said. The Minister also said that a separate mechanism to address complaints would be set up. He said the building tax rates (property tax in towns) were based on a percentage of the value of annual rent. The rent was calculated as per the discretion of the officer concerned. This procedure had led to variations in the tax calculations and complaints in the absence of proper guidelines. The tax calculation procedures and the review mechanism had led to all round corruption, with the affluent and influential getting away with low rates.

The Minister said the loopholes for corruption can be plugged if there were proper guidelines for tax fixation. The decision to go in for floor area-based taxation had been taken as per the recommendation of the Sen Committee appointed by the previous LDF Government. Accordingly, Section 203 of the Panchayat Raj Act and Sections 234 and 235 of the Municipalities Act were amended in 1999. The Minister said the tax rates would be on the higher side as it would take into account opulence and size. The procedures had been made so simple that the house owner himself could calculate the rates.


Building rules for all panchayats in Kerala


Thiruvananthapuram, June 11 -2007

The Kerala Government has extended the Municipal Building Rules to all its panchayats. Earlier, the rules were applicable to the corporations, municipalities and 184 panchayats in the State. As per the notification issued now, the rules will cover 815 more panchayats.

The Minister for Local Self Government, Mr Paloli Mohamed Kutty, said here on Monday that prior permission was not required to take up construction activities in these panchayats till now. But it had come to the notice of the Government that massive construction works were going on in the rural areas without any checks, posing a threat to the future development of the State.

With the rules in place, permission of the grama panchayats would be required to undertakeconstruction works panchayats, the Minister said.

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