" It is a complete solution for getting natural hot water with the help of sunlight and MG solar system. No electric bills to pay, no electrical hazards. Since this instrument is placed on the top of buildings no need of space inside the house is required.  Only initial cost is needed. With this system we get 24 hours hot water. It is mainly used in houses, hospitals, factories, hotels etc. Muricken’s supply different capacity solar water heaters. for the last 30 years
 " Central Government MNRE ( ministry of natural renewable energy ) providing subsidies for all type of solar water heaters through ANERT                                                                      

In Kerala market there are two types ( FPC & ETC ) of solar water heater is available.   


First is a flat plate collector ( FPC technology )with an insulated, weather-proofed box containing a dark absorber plate under one or more transparent or translucent covers. This is the most common type solar water heater. Murickens are manufacturing and marketing solar water heater in kerala . It is  tested and proved 30 years ago that it is the most suitable type for Kerala’s climatic conditions.Central Government MNRE ( ministry of natural renewable energy ) providing subsidies for all type of solar water heaters through ANERT.

Murickan’s Kerala flat plate solar device contains the solar collector panels, the working fluid (water), the storage tank .Special black or dark green coatings are used to absorb the energy .The heat absorbed by collector panels with size of 2 meter length and 1 meter width with 9 copper fins are used to heat water. When solar collectors are exposed to sun light, the water flowing through tubes in the panels is heated. Copper tubes transfer the collected heat to the water more effectively than aluminum, steel or glass tubes. The covering over the collector reduces the escape of collected heat to the outside air. The cover is transparent to short-wave solar radiation, but not to infrared radiation from the selective surface .The back and side insulation, typically R-value 12, reduces conduction losses.  Heated water from solar panel collects in a  storage tank which is specially designed to preserve the heat for long time

  Maintenance free. Water heated up to 80°C. No electrical hazard. No expenses after installation.The best way of getting natural hot water for cooking and industrial purpose  Copper capillaries.   PUF system and glass wool to avoid conduction loss for storage tank.   Light weight. T I G welded fins and tubes. Compact in size.   Heat expulsion. Fully automatic. High quality tempered 4mm thick front glass.    Sturdy and weather proof design.    Different Capacity starting from 125 liters to 10,000 liters.   Custom built Solar Water Heater can also be provided.Two models FPC and ETC. In FPC special model we can connect pressure pump.


MG Solar Water  Heater FPC Model 125 150 250 500
Usage No. of person    5 or 6 6 or 7 10 12
Installation Area(sq. mt) 4 4.5 8 16
Water output temp. (° C) 85 ± 5 °C under normal Sunny conditions
FPC capillary tube Model:        
No. fins 9 9 18 36
Collector Material Copper
Collector Box        
Coating Extruded Aluminum Powder Coated
Collector Size 2050 mm x 1050 mm x100 mm
Insulation 48 Kg/Cu,metre density Rock wool slab for standard model
box back sheet Aluminum sheet
Solar Collector Absorber        
Coating Selective black chrome – Nalsun
Insulation cover material Aluminum sheet
Bonding between fin        
And riser Metallurgical bonding
Header 99.9 %   copper  1”   , 22 SWG
Riser 99.9 %   copper  ˝ “   24 SWG
Hot Water Tank        
Tank type Cylindrical – horizontal
Tank material (Inner) Stainless Steel SS 304 (Food Grade) - 0.9 mm
Insulating material for tank 48 Kg/Cu,metre density Rock wool slab for standard model
Electric Heater (optional) No need -     if need 2KVS 
 Pressure pump model is available   *Specifications are subject to change without prior notice".

100 litter to 5000 Litter

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Second one is evacuated tube thermal collectors ( ETC technology )which are made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube called absorber which covered with a selective coating. The demerits of this type are we get only very low temperature, that is  heat up 40 ± 5 °C, more chance of brakeage of tubes when it is exposed to sunlight, water leakage on glass joints, chance to catch fungus inside the tube and consequently lower the heat of water.On rainy season must use electrical heater 

►Easy to carry and install.  ► Water heated up to 45°C.  ► The best way of getting natural hot water for cooking and industrial purpose  ►Evacuated glass tube collector  ►PUF system and glass wool to avoid conduction loss for storage tank. ► Light weight. Compact in size.  ► Heat expulsion. ? Fully automatic.  ► Sturdy and weather proof design. ►Different Capacity starting from 100 liters to 1000 liters.  ►Custom built Solar Water Heater can also be provided.


MG Solar Water  Heater ETC Model 100 150 200 250
Usage No. of person 3 or 4 5 or 6 8 10
Installation Area(sq. mt) 2.1 3.1 3.8 4.7
Water output temp. (° C) 40 ± 5 °C Under Normal Sunny Conditions
ETC tube Model: No. of Tubes 14 20 28 34
Material Glass 3.3
Coating Selective Absorptive Coating
Glass Sealing Silicon Rubber
Hot Water Tank material (Inner) Stainless Steel SS 304 (Food Grade) - 0.5 mm
Thermal Insulation PUF Insulation
Electric Heater (optional) 2.0 KW with Thermostat

 100 litter to 1000 Litter

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In Restaurants Clubs & Resorts In Hospitals Hostels Institutions In Canteens and Laundries For Swimming pool water heating In most Process Industries In Green buildings to earn renewable energy points As In feed hot water to Boilers For Can washing at Dairy collection centers General washing & cleaning purposes In Agricultural sector


1. Unobstructed sunlight (Shadow free area)
2. Flat (Preferable) or sloping roof area as requested
3. Area should be near to point of usage (bathroom / kitchen) : to avoid long hot water piping and   heat losses
4. The system (solar collectors) should face south direction
5. Fresh (cold) water tank at a height @ 5-7 ft above the system tank height
6 .3 to 5 years guarantee, onsite after sales service

Different Capacity starting from 125 liters to 10000 liters. Consumer's specific models are available

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